Why You Should Be Buying OTC Medical Marijuana Company Stocks

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Medical marijuana is a growing industry. It is not only the marijuana growers, dispensaries, and processors that are making a killing. This is an industry full of challenges and risks but is an investment with the potential for great reward.

Challenges arise when any company is looking to enter a new market and entering a highly-regulated industry proves to be even more of a challenge. However, a quick consideration helps one understand that even in the face of adversity, companies providing: insurance, financial services, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries reveal that profits can be gained despite a harsh regulatory environment.

Investing in the medical marijuana industry involves a multitude of risks, and it is why many investors rarely consider having OTC medical marijuana company stocks in their portfolios. Many people believe that most of these companies are unethical or are incapable of generating profits.

Truth remains that while it was hard for medical marijuana businesses to turn a profit in the past, the landscape is now entirely different. What was once a limited income generating opportunity has become one of the quickest growing industries in recent times?

Regardless, the belief that one may have regarding the use of marijuana, one must never allow a golden opportunity such as investing in medical marijuana to pass by. Medical marijuana stocks have a huge profit potential.

In recent markets, Medical Marijuana stocks are appearing to be launching soon. This will result in a breakthrough. Later in this article we will discuss the seven reasons why medical marijuana company stocks can generate excellent returns for investors over the next few years.

Many investors have still to uncover to these reasons for this breakthrough. Your attention in this matter could pave a path for you to get in before the industry takes off and help you be ahead of the curve.

7 Reasons Why Should You Invest In OTC Medical Marijuana Stocks

1. Governmental Shift in Legalization

In 2016, it was believed that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration would reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug. Such a reclassification would make it legal in all the 50 US states with a prescription. However, the Obama administration shot down those efforts. Such a reclassification would have been a huge catalyst for OTC medical marijuana company stocks.

Despite marijuana not being reclassified, the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational use in the United States is growing and becoming more acceptable. The number of states legalizing marijuana for either recreational or medical use has been steadily rising since the year 2000.

Maine, Oregon, and California are the only three states that have fully legalized medical marijuana before 2000. However, in recent years over 20 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. In fact, the number of states that have legalized the use of marijuana in some form has risen to 25.

In 2015, two states, Ohio and Pennsylvania joined the list of states legalizing medical marijuana. In 2016, several states voted on the legalization of marijuana and four states: Montana, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Florida passed medical marijuana measures.

The shift towards the legalization of medical marijuana means that the industry will only grow larger and so will the potential for good returns. Now is the time to invest in this lucrative industry as more states continue legalizing medical marijuana.

2. Increased Governmental Revenue

Governments all over the world thrive on tax revenue, and this is exactly what legal medical marijuana sales provide. If you want to understand what legalizing marijuana can do for revenues all you have to do is look at what happened in 2014 in Colorado and Washington.

Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana and each collected over $70 million regarding tax revenues from the sale of marijuana products. This figure is about two times the revenue that Colorado generated from alcohol taxation. In 2016, Colorado generated over $150 million in marijuana tax on sales just over $1 billion.

It is estimated that the marijuana market in the United States could be easily worth over $30 billion annually by the year 2020. In comparison, the National Football League has an annual revenue of just $10 billion.

The potential for increased revenue means that the industry will only continue growing larger and this can only go in a positive reason for investors to buy in. Even though the regime has changed, it is highly unlikely that government will roll back the gains made in the medical marijuana industry given the revenue that is being generating.

3. Quickest Growing Industry

The marijuana industry is one that is growing rapidly. In 2015, the industry increased by about 17 percent to about $5.7 billion while in 2016 it grew by about 25 percent to about $6.4 billion. This means that legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

The ArcView/New Frontier report summary said that by 2020, legal market sales were forecast to be $21.8 billion

Investing in OTC medical marijuana stocks means that you are getting a slice of this massive, growing, and highly lucrative industry. Identifying and investing in the fastest growing industries has always proven to be a challenge for many investors. Now one can understand that legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries and now time to make the most of investments and get in ahead early on.

4. Widespread Use Of Medical Marijuana

Numerous research studies are being undertaken to consider the medical applications of marijuana besides its traditional use as a painkiller.

Per the findings of some research studies, marijuana can be used to treat a broad range of symptoms, illnesses and diseases including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, Type 2 diabetes, as well as some forms of cancer.

Many marijuana-derived drugs currently available in the market are already approved in such countries as Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As more research is undertaken in the US, more marijuana-derived drugs could become approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Over 25 US states currently allow for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, the FDA has not undertaken many peers reviewed research on the medical applications of marijuana. However, some nonprofits are pushing for the FDA to approve marijuana use for the treatment of PTSD.

The widespread use of medical marijuana is a very powerful reason for investing in OTC medical marijuana company stocks. Medical marijuana companies will only become more profitable as the industry grows and this is good news for you as an investor.

5. The Growth In Investment Options

There are many Over The Counter (OTC) medical marijuana stocks meaning that you have plenty to choose from. As the growth in the legal marijuana industry continues, you can expect more marijuana companies will start going public. Most of these stocks are currently penny stocks that currently trade for less than $5 meaning that you can get involved in the market even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest.

6. Banks Will Start Servicing The Industry

In 2016, the United States Senate approved an addition to a bill that makes it easier for banks to offer services to legal marijuana businesses. Now, marijuana companies operate only in cash since many banks are afraid to do business with them. The new measures would have meant that financial institutions would no longer be afraid to open accounts for businesses that comply with the law.

While the measures did not make it into law, the continued push by legislators to have the marijuana industry recognized as a genuine business will eventually bear fruit especially considering that over 60 percent of the United States population currently lives in an area where marijuana use is legal.

Once the financial institutions start servicing the industry, you can be sure that it will grow exponentially. However, before this happens, one should strongly consider getting into the industry while the prices of the medical marijuana company stocks are still low. This in turn will allow one to maximize returns once the banks start servicing the industry.

7. The Growth In Subsectors

When most people think of the marijuana industry, in general, they think that it solely sells marijuana either for medical or recreational use. However, this is far from true. Some people grow marijuana for various users while some make apps for both users and sellers. Others even sell equipment and tools used in growing and cultivating marijuana.

The biotech space is one of the sectors that will enjoy the most benefit with the increased federal legalization of marijuana use. While the existing laws make it hard to do marijuana research, the continued legalization can allow biotech companies to do research without fearing any legal consequences.

Jon Doukas Managing Partner at Trends Merger & Acquisitions, an M & A firm that has to date brought seven cannabis companies public, states that:

“Medical cannabis or more specifically cannabinoid based clinical research represents one of last remaining frontiers in pharmaceutical development. Studies have shown that modulating the endocannabinoid system may have therapeutic potential in almost all diseases affecting humans, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, neurodegenerative, inflammatory, cardiovascular, liver gastrointestinal, skin diseases, pain, psychiatric disorders, cancer and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are more than 400 pharmaceutically active ingredients that are produced in varying strains of the plant”.

Jon continues by saying; “These medical cannabis companies doing research in cannabis derived compounds will invariably become the future of new and exciting pharmaceutical products or become take-out candidates by “Big Pharma” seeking a foothold in the space”.

Cross between production and manufacturing

The Manufacturing space is split between 2 areas. THC production and No THC Production. While many believe THC CBD combo is needed, there is a big industry within the CBD with zero THC. CosPro Labs is a CBD Manufacturing facility that has seen growth ten-fold in 2016. CTO & Owner of Hemp Genix and CosPro Labs Marc Normandeau said, “While states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, many states still have not. Those states that have medical and recreation still do not have laws around employment and drug testing. People are still afraid to have TCH in their system. There is also enough science backing CBD alone for health benefits. People continue to seek out CBD Oil products with Zero THC. Manufacturing products within the law makes a separation of what a manufacturer focuses on if and until their state legalizes for medical or recreation. However, because of the federal level of marijuana legalities exist and there are still too many laws and concerns especially around cross boarder commerce and production.”

The vastness of the marijuana industry gives investors a wide variety of options in regards to where to investors feel their money is most profitable. Since the marijuana industry dips in all kinds of sectors, it has plenty of room for growth in the future.

Companies to keep an eye on for 2017 and beyond

Freedom leaf Inc. (OTC FRLF) current trade at 0.1001 (at close January 20,2017 3:59PM EST)

Terra Tech Corp (OTC: TRTC) current trade at 0.321 (at close January 20,2017 3:59PM EST)

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc (OTC: FITX) current trade at 0.0025 (at close January 20,2017 3:59PM EST)

Final Thoughts

Marijuana use has been legalized in over half of the US states. It is highly likely that this trend will continue moving forward. The use of marijuana for medical purposes has been the greatest driving force towards the increased push towards legalization of marijuana in the United States and even other parts of the world.

The marijuana industry, in general, is massive, and the medical marijuana industry is a large portion of this industry. If you would like to enjoy a slice of this lucrative industry, you should consider investing in OTC medical marijuana company stocks for the seven reasons discussed here.

Addition By Capital Financial:

CSA Holdings INC (CSAX.PK) current trade at 0.09 (at close January 20,2017 3:59PM EST)

Penny Stock Options Basics and Why You Need to Be Worried

Penny Stock Options Basics and Why You Need to Be Worried

The very best thing about options is you have the freedom to select whether to exercise them. They should be the same. As a fast side note, you can get put choices even without owning the underlying stock in precisely the same fashion as call alternatives.

An alternative is the right to purchase or sell a security at a particular price within a predetermined time frame. Options are likewise a crucial portion of a reparation package. Purchasing the put options has the prospect of a 100% loss in the event the stock goes up, but likewise the prospect of huge gain in the event the stock goes down because you can then resell the alternatives for a significantly higher price. Also, they are just a part of an investing strategy and should not represent an entire portfolio. Stock options are a favorite way for businesses to entice key employees.

Penny Stock Options Basics Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Online trading offers superior advantages of trying to make trades over the telephone but also enables you to receive a more complete picture of the business or the stock you’re considering. If you prefer to become into on-line penny stock trading, you’ll need to obtain an account with an internet stock exchange. If you prefer to become into online penny stock trading, there are a couple critical things which you have to think about first.

What You Must Know About Penny Stock Options Basics

You can create an awful bunch of money from penny shares, but you might also lose your shirt if you aren’t careful. Go at your own pace and have a play with the digital account, thus you are fully prepared when you commence trading with real money. It’s true, you can make a ton of money in an issue of hours or days, but it is also possible to eliminate money too. Thus don’t think that you can run right out and begin making a bunch of money with options. Point being, it’s possible to only generate income within penny stocks once the stock price goes up. Many people believe it is impossible to earn money with penny stocks.

Penny Stock Options Basics – Is it a Scam?

Once you’ve identified which stocks you’re interested in trading, open up an internet brokerage account. So, an individual can observe that penny stocks aren’t solely risky, but could easily persuade investors into fraudulent investment schemes. Penny stocks take lots of research. They are more suitable for investors with a high tolerance for risk. They have a variety of definitions. They represent the possibility of exceptional rewards for profit while offering equal opportunity for monumental risks. Continue reading to learn what qualities to search for in the optimal/optimally penny stocks.

You have to know just how to trade penny stocks in a means to make the most of the volatile of them. Penny stocks are a large risk but certainly considerable reward investment. Typically, they have a higher level of volatility, resulting in a higher potential reward and a higher level of risk. They can make you a lot of money if invested in correctly. Should you be on the lookout for penny stocks to put money into, you need to make some quite big decisions. The optimal/optimally penny stocks don’t just have a superior PE, they also have a minimal PEG. They will make you rich, and the worst ones will make you broke.

You shouldn’t think about investing in penny stocks should you be close to retirement, should you be likely to spend your retirement savings or you must mortgage your home so as to make investments. Penny stocks simply don’t get that sort of respect from usually. The expression penny stock has developed with the marketplace. While purchasing and selling stocks that are shares of ownership in a corporation can cause you to be a fortune, it’s just as simple to drop that money.

Characteristics of Penny Stock Options Basics

If you are worried about a stock you’re holding you could think about selling it. Specifically, you should be searching for high-volume stocks with a reduce liquidity risk. Other stocks can be fantastic gains but definitely much less quickly as penny stocks. These stocks normally adhere to the patterns they’ve very well. Stocks on the OTCBB and pink sheets do not need to fulfill minimum regular requirements to stay on the exchange. Before it is possible to get started purchasing and selling stocks, you should choose which online trading service that you want to use. It’s important that you keep away from those stocks which do not observe any demand when it comes to trade volume whatsoever, which renders them to stay dull, sluggish and stagnant, not fit for short-term investment.

What You Don’t Know About Stock Option Picks Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

Our stock alerts take complete benefit of the present economy and market. In the event the underlying stock is near the strike price, it isn’t known for sure in case the short position is going to be assigned until the next Monday. As an overall rule, stocks with moderately above-average growth prices and fair valuations are the very best buys. Moreover, you can observe how stocks which were rated as Strong Sells drastically underperform the wide industry. If you’re a stock or option trader searching for action then you have arrived at the appropriate place.

A choice is a derivative. Also, options are merely part of an investing strategy and shouldn’t represent a whole portfolio. Shorter dated possibilities will cost less than longer dated choices, since there is not as much time value which generally drives up the cost of an alternative.

An alternative is the right to purchase or sell a security at a particular price within a predetermined time frame. Options involve risk and aren’t acceptable for all investors. As an overall note, a put option provides the buyer the choice to sell the underlying stock at a particular price on a specific date. As a fast side note, you can purchase put choices even without owning the underlying stock in the exact same fashion as call alternatives. You should trade weekly options whenever you are searching for short-term movements in a marketplace. Weekly options are a sort of option with a rather limited existence. They are the ideal investment for turning a small amount of money into a large amount of money.

Options are a wasting asset and even though there are opportunities to earn a lot of money there’s the superior probability you are able to lose all of it. Our Stock Option Pick service is perfect for traders wishing to capture the latest returns in a limited time frame. Enable us to provide you two more reasons why you need to consider stock choices. It is necessary to know the many stock option picks available on the market.

The quick Put will offset a number of the price of the lengthy Put. In an issue of minutes, you’ll be done and there’s no need to devote the full day monitoring the marketplace. Should youn’t win, we don’t win. You don’t have anything to lose! You’re going to be surprised by what you are able to find. You’re never all on your own. It only offers you the right to purchase the stock at a particular price if you prefer to.

Success for virtually any trader depends upon diligent market research and a comprehensive comprehension of stock option fundamentals. Our strategy differs. Very few investment strategies offer you this type of flexibility.

The Stock Option Picks Stories

When picking an online options trading support, you must think about the price per contract. It’s the price which you pay to buy the choice. The time price of an alternative is the amount which the premium exceeds the intrinsic price. It is incredible price, something I didn’t get from different providers after speding upwards of $30,000!

Profits aren’t re-invested the aim is monthly income, not yearly returns. Therefore don’t believe that you can run right out and begin making a bunch of money with options. It’s possible for you to eliminate all your money. It’s like getting money at no cost and is the secret to our extraordinary success with this strategy. Naturally, you wouldn’t exercise them since you would eliminate a dollar on every share.


If you prefer to understand which broker is presently the very best and most popular, then pay a visit to the updated list of finest Binary Options Brokers. Investors might choose to purchase or sell puts to guard a stock position. An investor ought to know of this when looking at purchasing an index option. A savvy investor wouldn’t permit a losing trade to visit expiration. Remember, there’s always a time factor involved with each investment you earn. For the time being, and for an assortment of reasons, the marketplace is punishing anything sensitive to interest prices. The wide market will impact individual equities.

Trades inexpensive from the money choices for optimum leverage employing a little account. View our trade recommendations and choose whether the trade is suitable for you. 1 trade per month has become the most efficacious means to control risk.